Gaddafi as Lady Gaga

Plastic surgery – big deal, so what? It’s become a thing of everyday routine. Everybody does it, nobody’s even hiding it anymore. This thing he did was even feasible in local anesthesia, you know? Like going to the dentist, for example. I do not understand the intent behind the above linked text. What, he is bad because he is making himself look younger? He is a conniving bastard for doing so? That’s an attempt to discredit him, right? “Look”, the public gasps, “he is tricking his own people that he is younger! YOUNGER!! Maybe he even drinks virgin blood, or eats little garden elves, or…!!”

Who is he?

“Is he or isn’t he? (a phony)”

A mystery man?

A dictator?

A fashionista?

(write your own attribute)

Hand in hand, Gaddafi goes with headlines

“did she or didn’t she do all them ballet in that ballet movie??”


“poor actor, he a drunk, litil darlink”

Remark no 1:

I mean, they are also human, you know.

Remark no 2:

Careful: all that spinning at one point might turn even the oppressor into a pop-star.


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