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Gaddafi as Lady Gaga

Plastic surgery – big deal, so what? It’s become a thing of everyday routine. Everybody does it, nobody’s even hiding it anymore. This thing he did was even feasible in local anesthesia, you know? Like going to the dentist, for example. I do not understand the intent behind the above linked text. What, he is bad because he is making himself look younger? He is a conniving bastard for doing so? That’s an attempt to discredit him, right? “Look”, the public gasps, “he is tricking his own people that he is younger! YOUNGER!! Maybe he even drinks virgin blood, or eats little garden elves, or…!!”

Who is he?

“Is he or isn’t he? (a phony)”

A mystery man?

A dictator?

A fashionista?

(write your own attribute)

Hand in hand, Gaddafi goes with headlines

“did she or didn’t she do all them ballet in that ballet movie??”


“poor actor, he a drunk, litil darlink”

Remark no 1:

I mean, they are also human, you know.

Remark no 2:

Careful: all that spinning at one point might turn even the oppressor into a pop-star.


A singer “to give up Gaddafi concert fee”

Wow, super-duper!!

What, did she not spend the money, the very bills she got for this performance, so she can and will return the very same ones?

What, she was afraid to speak up? She was afraid of refusing to perform?

What, she wanted to speak up but didn’t because of so much work/whatever, so now she finally has time to do this, and just now this thing happens with Libya, like some kind of magical coincidence? Cosmic alignment? Faith? Destiny? She saw the sign? Could she share with large audience please what is the sign she saw that explained to her that she should return the money just now? Me, I’m having my own little doubts of life, so I’d like to see how to recognize the signs that tell us what to do. What? That would cost money? Well, how much money? Around “$1 million (£615,000)” you say? Well, sorry, I don’t carry that much cash around, terribly sorry. I don’t even have that much money on my bank account, sorry.

Don’t get me wrong. It is OK for me that somebody performs “for the family of Libyan leader“; hey, we’re only people. It is OK for me for that person to take the money for performing. It is OK for me that somebody refuses to perform “for the family of Libyan leader“. But it is not OK that you perform, take the money, and then say you will return the money only after 3 years, when it was discovered that the said Libyan leader is a “He’s-no-good”.

Why, you ask? Well, let me put it this way: it seems that the above mentioned singer thinks that now, when it is discovered that she performed for a fee for a “He’s-no-good”, she will get slammered in the media, and that is not OK for her, because then nobody will hire her to perform for a fee any more, or nobody will buy her songs, which further means that she cannot earn her salary singing anymore (I can imagine once you’re at least a bit known singer, that it is a nice way to earn a living). To try to prevent that, she now says “I return the money in question”, thinking that that simple sentence will kiss and make up. I honestly wouldn’t mind if she kept her mouth shut, or at least said “yes, I did it, it was wrong” or something similar. Or maybe if she said “I return the money but double the amount”, or even “triple the amount”, why not.

Human generosity can be limitless, if only one wants it to be.

And don’t get me started with thoughts about defining a price for that performance. How do you do it? Do you have a price list, like a menu in a restaurant that says

  • politicians                                                          XX $
  • businessman                                                     XX$
  • dictators                                                              $1 million (£615,000)
  • (add your own type of people)                  XX$

But that’s just me, and me is me, not you, or anybody else, you know?

Oh, life, or more precisely: charade of life, with me on top…